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Questions frequently asked by merchants unfamiliar with the payment system in Korea.

This is the English version of the Toss Payments Docs. Unforunately, it only partially covers our products. Please use Google Translate on Chrome or any other translation tool on your web brower if you need more information. The translation may not be perfect, so feel free to reach out on Discord or via email.

Without a Korean credit card, you can't test the card authentication step. Use the _skipAuth parameter to skip the authentication process on the card company app. You will be directed to the result window and recieve response data.

Use the request header Accept-language : en-US. All the fields and error messages will be in English.

Yes. Credit card payment in installments are available for payments over 50,000 KRW.

Yes! We already have many references.

By default, payments are automatically captured at midnight on the day they are made. But we also support manual capture. Unfortunately, Toss Payments does not support partial capture.

In Korea, credit card payments can be refunded for up to one year after the payment. If the payment has already been settled, the refund will be deducted from the upcoming settlement. Partial refunds are also supported.

Need more help?Get real-time English tech support on the 'global-support' channel of our Discord server.

Need more help?

Get real-time English tech support on the 'global-support' channel of our Discord server.

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